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Thermal paper


About us

A Premier Provider of Receipt and Label Solutions for Business to Produce Daily Use.


Mega Thermal CO., LTD is known as the exclusive heat-sensitive specialty paper manufacturer in Taiwan. The company has a complete coating production with the capability to converting, printing as well as customization to meet various requirements. All of our thermal products are manufactured in-house to ensure the highest quality while integrating sales channels, delivery, and after-sale services to reduce costs for our customers. With demand rising globally, Mega Thermal is motivated to provide more products in the right market.

Core Value

Trust is the core value of our business. We are dedicated to earning customers’ trust by providing perfect quality products and excellent service which has created long-term benefits for both our clients and the company. We are committed to building a solid relationship with our partners as we are aware competitiveness in this regard is a key factor to succeed.

Capabilities and Strengths

• Technology: Utilizing the most advanced automactic equipment to ensure consistency and maximizing efficiency.

• Innovation: It’s what drives us. Moving forward with sustainable materials integrated into new chemical formulas as well as other ongoing product developments. We are seeking innovation continually while bring paper industry to a higher level.

• Quality: We keep strict compliance with ISO-9001 for quality assurance.

• Cooperation: A platform where supplier and customers can work together, merging global markets.

Thermal paper

Mega Thermal

Office:15F., No. 550, Mingcheng 2nd Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan

TEL:07-619-6090 / FAX:07-619-6196

Mill:No. 43, Sec. E., Wen An Rd., Mituo Dist., Kaohsiung City 827, Taiwan

TEL:07-619-6066 / FAX:07-619-6196


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