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Thermal paper


Adhesive Labels

Adhesive Labels


A long-lasting, durable labels that stand the test of time and can stay intact regardless of age and exposure to moisture environment. Our labels offer good printability for high-end graphics while fulfilling a range of function such as resistance to heat, humidity or friction.

Whether you need high-quality product labels or easily printable information labels, we have the right label materials to meet your requirements.

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Paper Materials:
- Pressure Sensitive Label(TT)
- Direct Thermal Label (TC/NTC)
- Glossy/Machine Glazed Paper
- Uncoated Premium Paper

Synthetic Materials:
Synthetic label materials can be PP, PET, BOPP or PVC based white and clear film materials.
- Polypropylene(PP) - Gloss White & Matte White
- Polyester(PET) - Gloss White, Matte White and Matte Chrome

Adhesive Type:
- Hot Melt
- Acrylic
- Removable

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Thermal paper感熱紙捲,電子發票紙捲,熱感貼紙,感熱紙是在在普通紙上加塗一層黑色的油墨,Thermal paper同時再上一些特別對熱感應的白色材料。機器上的加熱導線會將感熱的白色材料燒掉而形成圖像及文字,感熱紙Thermal paper紙張表面塗上含有色料之塗料,此色料經由加熱產生化學反應而顯色,可使用移動式之熱頭而在加熱之區域顯色。